…Its Always Sunny in the City Of Reign



When I tell people that I am from Seattle their first question for me is always

“doesn’t it ALWAYS rain there!?!?”

I’m never shocked when I get this question because I’ve gotten it my whole life during many trips.

Today the rain seemed to come down so much harder than it usually does.

I was sitting in the car waiting for my mom to come out of 7-11 when I realized how beautiful the rain looked on the windshield.

Grabbing for my iPad I snapped a quick picture.

My name Reign has various meanings.

I picked this name because it is such a strong word.
When the word reign comes to my mind I think royalty but at the same time I think of rain, the same very thing that is associated with the city in which I was born and raised.

My name felt so right to me, as did taking this random photo outside of 7-11 waiting for my mom, because I am from Seattle and Seattle is known for its rain (coincidentally it will also be known for its REIGN) as well as the fact that I KNOW I am going to reign in this lifetime.


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