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Lake Union Adventures in the Rain!! WooHoo!!

Yesterday I went on a solo mission to South Lake Union, a part of Seattle I rarely ever get to go!

I discovered a fun antique store, Antique Liquidators that I hadn’t seen before and decided to go and explore (which is my specialty)!!

Here are some pictures that I took while there!


I loved how the word “ANTIQUES” was in the window on the 3rd floor! Something about the large letters were eye catching so I had to take a picture.


Although it was a overall rainy day yesterday there was a point in which the sun was shining and I was able to get a nice picture of it!


The antique store had quite a bit of Asian antiques which I loved a lot! Ever since I was young I’ve had an interest in Asian culture. Not quite sure what this was but it was hanging on the wall of the entrance to the stairway leading to the 1st floor.


This is honestly my favorite picture! I love how it turned out! The silver corkscrew and bar set just look really nice in this case that I found on the main floor (2nd floor) of the store! Nice and shiny:)


I really wanted to buy this trophy just because it looks like the generic trophy that I vision when the word “trophy” is mentioned. It was especially fun taking photos of because I felt like I was looking into a mirror!


It’s crazy to think that minimum wage was as low as $2.65 at one point in time! Can you imagine working 40 hours a week and only making less than five dollars?


Taaaaake me out to the baaaallll gaaammmee 😉


I am really intrigued by these old photos. The people in them are always staring so hard into the camera. I feel like our pictures now are full of life and really capture feelings, back then I feel like pictures captured seconds literally. What you see in this VERY second is what you get nothing more and nothing less. I like that but I don’t at the same time.


That’s a cool go cart!


Take your seats please! haha


These roller skates are super legit! Look at them! Can’t you imagine some young girl skating around at a roller rink in them?


I definitely need this bike in my life!


I have no clue what this outfit is from but it looks extravagant!

I am very nostalgic individual. It’s as if I came from the past and am in a time machine.
Walking though the store I felt a sense of deja vu; “I’ve been here before…”

I felt like I was home in Antique Liquidators! I definitely recommend checking the place out if you are ever in the South Lake Union area!

Address: 503 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Peace & Reign 🙂


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