…Its Always Sunny in the City Of Reign

Sky of Hope


This photo I took the day of the Seahawks’ Super Bowl parade here in Seattle, WA and it was so dark and serene at the same time.

This photo is a reflection of life. I was walking through an alley in Pioneer Square and at first I was taking pictures go everyone around me in their Seattle Seahawk gear but something told me to look up. So I did. I pointed my camera and took the shot.

I have always been told “the sky’s the limit!” and in this image it’s when everything close to you looks dark if you just look up there light. The blue sky of hope against the darkness of these beautiful brick buildings is something we all probably take for granted in our lives. We ALL have a sky of hope and possibility somewhere, we just have to look up. You can truly do anything AND everything you put your mind too.

It’s honestly God in these very moments. Why on Earth would I look up when I had so much going on in front of me. A sea of green and blue. It was estimated that around 700,000 people came to the parade, and I was one of them, but at this moment, this very moment captured with my camera, I was witness to a sky filled with hope.


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